Our courses are accredited, in-depth, multimedia courses that provide a start-to-finish journey in a particular area of the formulation. They have fixed curriculums that are structured to build your theoretical and practical knowledge of making and formulating natural and organic skincare or haircare products as you advance sequentially through the materials. 

The Natural Cosmetic Formulation Club (‘the Club’) is a place for green beauty enthusiasts who want to enhance and diversify their skills and grow as a formulator. It has been designed to give its members a flexible, affordable approach to expanding their skills and knowledge.

Being a member of the Club will help you to:

  • Continually build on and improve your formulation skills through fun classes and courses.
  • Expand the range of products you can make. 
  • Learn new lab skills and techniques. 
  • Access professional lab reports like Preservative Efficacy Testing.
  • Stay up to date with new ingredients and trends.
  • Be supported by a community of like-minded formulators and our Cosmetic Scientists.

The key difference between the Club and our courses is that you as a member have more control over your learning journey. From month to month, you can ‘pick and choose your learning material, thanks to the Club’s credit system. 

Here is a summary of the differences between our courses and the Club:

CoursesThe Club
Step-by-step courses with comprehensive curriculums that cover everything you need to know to become a haircare or skincare formulator. A start-to-finish journey in a particular area of the formulation.Top up your learning, enhance your skills, add additional exciting product types to your range. Short classes, detailed tutorials, and ready-to-use formulas on a variety of topics.
A fixed curriculum.Create your own learning journey. Ultimate flexibility and choice.
Beautiful downloadable textbooks and workbooks. Video classes. Demonstration videos. Activities and quizzes.
Beautiful downloadable textbooks. Step-by-step video demonstrations
Suitable for beginners or those with some experience.
Best suited to people with some formulating experience. Some classes are suitable for beginners.
Single one-off fee (some payment plan options available)
Monthly membership fee of US $57 or Annual membership fee of US $570 (plus sales tax where applicable)
Whenever you like.
Only open to new members several times a year.
18 months. Can be extended for a further 18 months for a small renewal fee.
Stay a member for as long as you like. Cancel anytime.
Online classroom
Online membership portal
Support from our cosmetic scientists. Weekly tutor support for every student. All your questions answered, every week.
Support from our cosmetic scientists. Monthly group Q&A. Submit your questions and our tutors will select the most pertinent questions to answer.
Online community for each course (hosted on Facebook).

Online member-only community (hosted on Facebook).

Live, online, monthly Formulators’ Forums (live group calls hosted on Zoom).

An accredited certificate is awarded on successful completion.
Some longer courses offer optional accredited certificates on completion.