The Natural Cosmetic Formulation Club works on a credit system. This puts the power in your hands to choose the topics, classes, experiments, and formulations that are of interest to you!

Each month, as part of your membership, you receive 50 credits. These 50 credits can be spent on anything in the Club that you like!

Next to each class, resource, experiment, and formulation within the club you’ll see how many credits that item is worth. Each month you can pick and choose what you’d like to learn next. 

On average each class in the Club is 50 credits. Shorter resources such as formulations, charts, and lab skills resources are on average 25 credits. For our longer, multi-module courses (which usually consist of 5 modules) most modules are 50 credits (for some courses the first module is 100 credits as it is a longer, detailed theory module). A detailed list of classes and resources and their credit value can be found here.

You can top up with extra credits whenever you like. You can also ‘save’ your credits -  credits roll over each month so you can use them at a later date if you wish. You can therefore access all the materials you like at a time that suits you.

Not everything in the Club requires credits. Lots of helpful resources are available to all members, for example:

  • Formulating 101 - a series of helpful guides that cover topics like equipment, suppliers, calculating batch sizes, and ingredient classification.
  • Free resources such as recipe books.
  • Monthly Tutor Q&A.
  • Formulators’ Forums.
  • Access to the online community.

Our unique credit system allows you to create your own bespoke Club experience, tailoring and customizing your learning experience to suit your own personal interests and learning needs.

As a special thank you for being a member of the Club, we’ll give you an additional 50 credits every 6 months, as a little gift from us to you.