The Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation is, at its core, a start-to-finish journey into how to create professional-quality natural skincare products – all of the ingredient know-how, the tools and techniques, everything that takes you from a blank sheet of paper to developing your own formulas that can be replicated again and again with consistent, amazing results.

Anyone, regardless of prior formulation experience, will be able to start formulating products with our course, because we provide a proven framework to follow.

There is a lot of science that goes into professional product formulation, but we strive to teach it in ways that are accessible, approachable and easy to follow. Having a background in chemistry, cosmetic science or math is not required.

You will gain all the foundational knowledge and skills to formulate a wide range of skincare products including facial oils, body and massage oils, dry oil body spray, bath and shower oils, cleansing oils, whipped body butters, balms and salves, soaks and scrubs, facial and body polishes, toners and spritzers, creams and lotions.

Learning objectives and outcomes

This course has been created to enable you to design your own range of unique natural or organic skincare products. You will learn step-by-step how to design, formulate and create your own product range.

There are 14 key learning objectives and outcomes for the course. Each objective has a corresponding module that provides you with study materials and activities to help you acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve the outcome.

1. Create a distinctive brand by identifying who your customers are and defining your vision, values and uniqueness.
2. Formulate your products and select your ingredients properly and deliberately in order to achieve the result you or your customers desire.
3. Write professional formulations (rather than recipes), become an effective formulator and evaluate your formulations to achieve the perfect product.
4. Understand how the skin functions, the physiological changes that occur as the skin ages, and common characteristics of each skin type so you can formulate products suited for oily, sensitive, dry, combination and aging skin.
5. Choose ingredients with confidence! Learn the functions, properties and benefits of a wide range of natural cosmetic raw materials and how to select ingredients for your formulations.
6. Choose the right equipment and develop the essential lab skills to make your products safely and effectively, ensuring consistency and quality. Understand percentages and weight conversions to make batches of different sizes.
7. Put into place strategies to extend the shelf-life of your products and preserve your products effectively to ensure they stay in optimum condition.
8. Formulate and make a range of gorgeous, anhydrous, preservative-free oils and serums for the face, bath and body.
9. Formulate and make a range of gorgeous, anhydrous, preservative-free balms and butters, including lip balms, treatment balms and cleansing balms.
10. Formulate and make a range of indulgent soaks, scrubs and polishes just like you would find in a high-end spa!
11. Formulate and make a range of refreshing toners, spritzers and mists using delicate hydrosols, botanicals extracts and more.
12. Understand the science of emulsification: become confident in making emulsions and solving stability issues.
13. Formulate and make a wide range of creams and lotions for the face and body, from lighter body milks and lotions to richer creams and body butters.
14. Comply with cosmetic, labeling and claims regulations in order to sell your products legally.

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