In terms of ingredients for the Certificate in Making Natural Skincare Products we recommend that you start off simple! With just a handful of ingredients you can make many types of product. We suggest you begin with inexpensive carrier oils that are still very beneficial for the skin. This means as you are practicing and learning you will not waste expensive ingredients.

To give you an idea, to try out making facial oils, balms, body butters and creams/lotions you can begin with just a few ingredients, for example two to four carrier oils, two to four essential oils, a butter, a wax, an emulsifier and a preservative. From there you can gradually get more as you want to try making different products. Many of the recipes need similar ingredients so once you have a few supplies there are lots of recipes you can try. Alternatively you can stock up at the beginning. The choice is yours.

Here you can download an ingredient starter list for Certificate in Making Natural Skincare Products.

As part of the course you receive a comprehensive global supplier list featuring hundreds of cosmetic suppliers from all around the world. A shorter supplier list is available on our website here: