We have students in over 130 countries, all of whom have been able to source the ingredients and materials needed to make a wide variety of cosmetic products. Most countries have specialist cosmetic ingredient suppliers where you will be able to source your materials so it is likely you will be able to find many of the ingredients you need within your own country, for example carrier oils, butters and essential oils. For speciality ingredients such as natural/organic emulsifiers and preservatives you might need to order from overseas (USA/UK/Europe/Australia) depending on where you live.

As part of the course you receive a comprehensive global supplier list featuring hundreds of cosmetic suppliers, many of which deliver internationally.

We also have a smaller supplier list on our website that you might want to look at in the meantime:

If you cannot buy an ingredient locally, here are some options for you:

1) In many cases you can use a substitute ingredient. It is very easy to substitute ingredients such as carrier oils, essential oils, butters and waxes. We have written an article that gives you some tips on substituting ingredients:

2) You can order from overseas. In the case of specialist ingredients like emulsifiers and preservatives you may have to order from overseas. Many suppliers based in the USA, UK and Australia will ship overseas. You'll find a comprehensive supplier list included with the course.

3) You can search online using the INCI name (this is the scientific name for the ingredient). Sometimes ingredients have different trade names so searching with the INCI name can help you find the ingredient.

4) When you enroll on a course you get to join our private student community where we have students from over 130 countries, so you can ask other students if they can help.